Be Nice Day – the countdown has started!

The countdown has started for BayRadio Be Nice Day, a unique fundraising initiative to help charities across four provinces, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, and Almeria to raise funds to help local charities who have seen a significant reduction in fundraising and donations, plus feeding the unemployed in the local community via the nationwide charity Caritas.

Thousands of people will be participating on Sunday 6th May in mass 5km walks taking place along the Costas from the town of Barx, Valencia in the north to Mojacar, Almeria in the south with a live on air start on Bay Radio at 11.15 with Bob and Noelle. Bay Radio wants to put the fun back in fundraising and many of the charities have organised a day of fun events and music to follow the walk.

To encourage sponsorship Bay Radio is running 7 competitions including best costume which will add to the flavour of the day as many people are planning to dress up, but all the charities stress
that fancy dress is optional turning up on the day and supporting the charities is the most important thing.

Many of the local mayors have given the event their full backing which includes designing the route, starting the walk from the Town Hall, plus opening it on the day and entering teams to walk in their area to help raise funds. The beneficiaries include Cancer Charities, Help Organisations, Children’s Homes, Animal Charities, Disabled Children and Alzheimer sufferers as well as the local needy through Caritas.

When you hear about people living in cars or on the street, who don’t have the money to feed themselves due to the current high level of unemployment something has to be done to help them and these walks are Bay Radio’s way of helping the local communities across our broadcast network. We want everyone to join in by participating in one of the walks and if possible getting sponsorship. We know many people don’t like asking for sponsors but if everyone walking paid their 5 Euro entry fee and got one person to sponsor them for the same amount the fundraising would be doubled! Of course it would be great if you could get more sponsors it could really make a difference.

All the walks are easy and have been designed so that anyone can take part; it is not a race it is about participating and contributing to charity and of course having some fun. If you only want to walk 200 metres I don’t think anyone will mind.

To enter just turn up at the start area on May 6th at 10.45 and register. You will find the information about the walk in your area below or contact .