DVDs Available from 11th May

The Theory Of Everything..cert 12

The Theory of Everything is the extraordinary and uplifting story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, and of two people defying the steepest of odds through love. The film, based on the memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, by Jane Hawking, is directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (Man on Wire).

Poldark..cert 12

It’s 1783, and Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) returns home from the American Revolutionary War to a country in the grip of recession. His beloved Cornwall is on its knees. In his absence, his father has died, his land and mines have gone to ruin and his childhood sweetheart has become engaged to his cousin. Feeling betrayed by everything he loves, Ross has to rebuild his life, with a new business venture, making new enemies and finding a new love where he least expects it. The dramatic and captivating landscape of the Cornish coastline is the perfect backdrop for this outstanding historical family saga.

Halt and Catch Fire..cert 15

Set at the dawn of the PC-era, Halt and Catch Fire follows three unlikely mavericks in the race to build a computer that will revolutionise the modern world. When former IBM executive Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) plans to reverse engineer IBM s flagship product in the hope of producing a smaller and faster PC, he enlists the help of engineer Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) and volatile prodigy Cameron Howe (MacKenzie Davis) who between them put their personal and professional lives at risk in the hope of revolutionising the market.