DVDs available from 20th October

Maleficent..cert PG

“Let us tell an old story anew and see how well you know it.” This is the opening line of “Maleficent”, a re-imagining of the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, as presented from the standpoint of the wicked fairy who casts the sleeping spell. The hex is one made by a woman scorned and, according to this revisionist fairy tale, soon regretted. So many times fairy tales do not transfer to the big screen without becoming Disney-esque. “Maleficent” aspires to be about how, no matter how evil someone might seem, there is something deeply hurt and human inside. Our sympathies lie with the benevolent-turned-malevolent heroine, and as the story progresses, more surprises and twists are to be found.

Northern Soul..cert 15

Northern Soul is the story of a youth culture in the 1970’s, which changed a generation. No longer satisfied with the prospect of a small town life and a factory production line two young boys dream of going to America to discover rare records which will help them become the best DJ’s on the scene. This journey forces them to confront rivalry, violence and drug abuse and their friendship is tested to the limit.This is Northern Soul.

20,000 Days on Earth..cert 15

20,000 Days on Earth is a bold and unique look at one of music’s most mysterious and charismatic figures, the iconic musician and writer Nick Cave. Defying traditional rock documentary aesthetics, directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard push the genre to unexplored territory, presenting a vision of an artist in a way that is unconventional yet undeniably intimate, while also exploring more universal themes of creativity and how we choose to spend our time on the Earth. It ruthlessly deconstructs two very different artforms, music and documentary, yet takes nothing away from the everyday reality or magic of its main subject. The film presents Cave’s personal analysis of his own life and creative processes. He shares humorous tales of times past with bandmate and frequent collaborator Warren Ellis, and engages in enlightening discussion with those who have affected his life both professionally and personally, including former Bad Seed Blixa Bargeld, actor friend Ray Winstone, and perhaps most notably Kylie Minogue, with whom Cave collaborated on his breakout hit Where the Wild Roses Grow in 1995. These segments are presented in an almost daydream-like form, as Cave sits behind the wheel reflecting on his experiences while driving through his adopted home town of Brighton.