Gas leak risk sparks recall of Balay, Bosch and Siemens cookers



A FAULT affecting gas cookers retailed under the brands Balay, Bosch and Siemes means they could cause a fire or explosion, warns the holding company SH Electrodomésticos España.
Any ovens manufactured between August 2006 and October 2011 are likely to be affected by the defective connections to the supply, leading to a serious risk of a gas leak.
Their owners are warned to turn off the gas supply to the cooker immediately and not to use it again until the connection has been replaced.
Initially, SH Electrodomésticos believed only Balay cookers were faulty, but have now called for anyone with a Bosch or Siemens model to turn theirs off and contact the manufacturer.

Connections will be replaced free of charge by a BSH service engineer, who will go to customers’ homes, says the company.

A total of 5,700 units in Spain are said to be affected, of which only 11 are Siemens and 35 are Bosch, with the rest being Balay ovens.

The Bosch model numbers are HSG222020Z, HSG322020P and HSG322050P.
Affected Siemens models are HG322200P, HG322500P and HM725200T.
According to the company, seven models of Balay cookers could be defective – numbers 3CGB462B, 3CGB462BT, 3CGX462B, 3CGX462BT, 3CGX466B, 3CGX466BT, 3CGX468B, and 3CGX468BT.

For more information, customers can contact SH Electrodomésticos España on the free helpline (0034) 900 555 060.