Bob James

Bob James

Back in the early 60’s when Bob was about 7 years old, a family friend gave him an old wind up gramophone and a big box of 78 records. This was the beginnings of Bob’s love of music.

A week’s pocket money and trips to jumble sales provided Bob with old wireless sets or other technical items that he could pull to pieces (and sometimes put back together without bits left over) which created the grounding of what was to become his life long career.

On leaving school, his first job was as an apprentice electronics engineer in West Sussex. The company made exciting things, such as big amplifiers and speakers for theatres..all very useful to Bob for building his own mobile disco.

Bob began working as a DJ in local nightclubs, but it was working for hospital radio that made him realise that radio was his passion. He put himself through the course in the National Broadcasting School in London in 1983.

In 1984, Bob started work in the UK Commercial Radio business as both Broadcaster and Engineer. He moved to Spain in 2004 and still combines the two areas of his expertise as he has done for more than 30 years.