Kal Sutherland


Kal Sutherland presents The Breakfast Show Monday to Friday, and Saturday Sport on BayRadio.

Kal has spent his life traveling the world. His father was in the RAF (Royal Air Force) and they spent in time in Malta, Cyprus, Germany and, a particular highlight, Peterborough.

Kal’s first radio experience came at school where he helped establish a station by re-routing the school tannoy system so the sixth formers could broadcast their own messages and music. By the time the Head of Sixth form had worked out what was going on, the Headmaster had already hailed the station as a great success!

Time with the Canadian Forces Network, Brunssum (CFNB) in the Netherlands followed, where despite spending a weekend with Richard Branson, Kal was unable to convince him to start a radio station. Branson was just setting up his airline at the time, “it would be another decade until he followed my advice about radio” laments Kal, thinking of all those lost millions!

Work with German stations Deutsche Welle and Deutschland Funk in Cologne, Germany followed, and there was also a spell dubbing foreign films into English, no, not THOSE sort of films!

Having a taste for Forces life and the travel opportunities it brings, Kal has been with the British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) for the last 23 years. They provide Radio and TV to the British Forces wherever they are stationed around the world.

The list of many countries Kal has been to whilst with BFBS include Canada to the Middle East, Belize in Central America to the Balkans and Gibraltar to Northern Ireland. Having spent time in a number of the world’s combat zones Kal is sure he will manage to cope with nightlife on the Costa Blanca once the summer comes…