Noelle’s story started in London, sitting in the sound box at the back of the Playhouse Theatre watching her father’s show, ‘The Navy Lark’, being recorded.

Her life in child and adulthood has been surrounded with theatricals, art and music…which is probably why she’s as quirky as she is!

Singing and dancing were always Noelle’s first love (although she did have ‘proper’ jobs too) and she had some success with this…however, her beloved daughter was born and so Noelle decided to stop all the shenanigans and get on with the ‘being a Mum’ business.

The jobs she had from then on in were multifarious in nature, but none of them have ever been quite like being lassoed into radio as she was when she came to Spain some years ago, which was very largely because she has a low voice and a filthy laugh!

Drawing from her memories of her youth in radio, Noelle fell back into the swing of things (with a great deal of training from the best of the best) and now covets her position as evening presenter every week day from studio 2..more lovingly known as ‘The Broom Cupboard’ on Bay Radio.