Steve Fear


Steve was born in Bath in Somerset on March the 1st..twiddly dumpty years ago (way too long to remember) and having had a varied career including long haul lorry driving, he decided to move to Spain in the year 2000. He has been a builder, a bar owner of a place in Huercal Overa for 2 years then went into property sales where he quickly excelled to the monumental heights of being chief salesman in the Mojacar and Turre areas. This could have also been something to do with meeting the love of his life within the office..the lovely lady Kathy who has put up with him ever since!

A moment of madness then struck (of which Steve has many) and he decided to get involved in radio. He was part owner of a station for some years but unfortunately, recession hit badly..and so BayRadio decided that this talent couldn’t go by the wayside and Steve is now firmly ensconced as our Area Manager, knobs and buttons twiddler, aerial pole climber and general solid gold man in Mojacar. He has excelled (despite his accent..oooo arrrr) in everything he has done in his life..which makes his imput invaluable…without Steve, Mojacar would be a much quieter place!