Tony Myles


Tony Myles presents The Breadfast Show on Saturday and Sunday on BayRadio.

Tony was born in Douglas on the Isle of Man, and worked on Manx Radio, which claims to be the first commercial radio station in the British Isles.

He was educated in Scotland, which explains the hint of a Scottish accent, has lived in Yorkshire and worked on Pennine Radio when it first opened in Bradford. He also had a hit record during the Brit Boom of the 1960s!

Tony boasts knowing some famous people including Marvin Gaye (who introduced himself to Tony), Tom Jones (borrowed his guitar for his backing group), Van Morrison (Tony Shared a hotel with pop group Them while they were struggling) – Jimmy Page (who played a guest spot on one of Tony’s records) – Keith Richards (who didn’t like the fact that his manager had signed Tony’s band), Sir Cliff (with whom he discussed British Tennis and the lack thereof) – Brian Epstein (a total gentleman apparently) – Gerry Marsden (hilarious on tour) – Gene Pitney, The Supremes, Dionne Warwick and many more…

He has also worked in IT for a number of years and had a global sales role for General Electric. He’s worked in Russia, Norway, Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, Belgium, Spain, Italy and around the UK.

Tony is now living in Spain but with a toehold in the UK due to his mates and the need to remind himself of just how fantastic the Spanish Costa Blanca is!