Preventorio in Gandia get new doors


preventorio-doorsThanks to all the donations that were given at the Bay Radio charity Gala,  we were able to give the go ahead for the builders to go into the Preventorio in Gandia to build and erect these doors.

The Preventorio asked us at the beginning of the summer if we were able to help them place doors at the bottom of the stairwell that leads to the top floor that is rarely used. In the winter the heat was lost as it was an open area where the little ones watched TV.

We have also set up a direct debit of €200 a month to help go towards their food bill so that luxuries such as cheese, cold meats, yogurts ect, things we take for granted can be bought by the Cook for the children. This breaks down as €50 a week ( not even a meal for two )!!

This has only been achieved by your kind donations. Thank you !!

Now time to start thinking about the Annual Christmas party for the children…..eek.