Terra & Aqua Natura Competition

Count to win

Bay Radio is very excited to announce that we have 20 Terra Natura and 20 Aqua Natura passes for ewe and your family to win. All you have to do is find the animals hidden in the text and then toadaly write it in on the Bay Radio Facebook Page tagging the name of the park you want to go to! We hope it floats your goat.

We’re not being sealy, just read this text, get counting and write your answer, we’re not kitten around! We will be giving away 5 prizes of 4 tickets each for both of these otterly amazing parks, so owl your family could be speeding like a cheetah over to one of the most popular safari and water parks in Benidorm!

Want to roar with the tiger or stomp with a rhino, then get your entries in now on the Facebook page and tag Terra Natura! Do you swim like a dolphin or are you like a duck to water? Then why not tag Aqua Natura! Toucan play at that game.

Bay Radio loves to help out families with great competitions like these, so why not SHARE it with your friends if you’re found it amooseing! We play great music and for those with hearing like a bat, you’ll notice our ‘Listen On Line’ feature is popular too! The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen that our advertisers get a regular influx of new clients too.

Counted up your insects and animals? Visit the Bay Radio Facebook Page now and post your answer. Good luck!