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Preventorio – Tea Cakes and so much more !!

BayRadio | May 4, 2015

What an eventful fortnight we have had !! A tea and cake sale was orginised by Rosie Woodham and DIVINO at her beautiful home selling Shabby Chic, tea, coffee and some beautiful cakes donated by some really clever bakers out there.

The aim was to raise enough money to add to the donations already in the pot to buy an orange juicer for the children at the Preventorio.

The target of  €1,200 was reached and  we were able to order and have delivered to the Preventorio the much needed juicer.

On Thursday we went to the Preventorio with the children’s gifts for the April birthdays (thank you to the members of the CBBA)  and met with Bill Turney from the Javea Masons who had raised through a series of events €2,700  so that they could buy a new Hot plate/food warmer as their old one had been condemned. Nuria the Cook was so happy as there were so many things she had wished for and she got three of them !!

A new Hot plate warmer, a new Orange juicer and I was able to give them €650 from left over money that people had donated  to pay for a generator to be moved to outside as it was deafening in the kitchen when it was running. Although this was all about the kitchen  it all benefits the children.

The home is now full sadly with 56 children living there. There are 12 spare beds upstairs but no staff to care for the extra children so they remain empty.

Finally with summer now here our aim is to try and get for the children some push bikes so that they are able to go on supervised bike rides. The bikes need to be in good condition and sizes ranging from 6 to 14 year old age group. If you have one your child has out grown please let me know via Bay Radio.

Thank you all for helping make all these things possible !!

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