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Red Cross Youth Toy Campaign: “ Your Rights at Play” Donate by Text!

BayRadio | December 13, 2016



The Red Cross needs new toys for more than 60,000 children from families in social difficulty,

  •  The goal is to deliver more than 120,000 new, non-war games and toys throughout the year to families in need.


Doante by  sending an SMS message with the word ‘TOYS’ to either of the following numbers:

28092  (to donate €1.20)                                    38092  (to donate €6),


which will be used entirely for the purchase of toys for children and families in social difficulty.


The Red Cross Youth today presented the new national campaign for collecting toys “Your Rights in the Game” in Valencia on the 16th of November this year, in which more than 350 local offices throughout the country will participate this Christmas, mobilizing about 2,700 volunteers to get those toys to the families in the province of Alicante who most need them.


“Childhood is one of the groups that are suffering the most from the effects of poverty at home, since the families have enormous difficulties to pay their basic expenses.  In the last bulletin presented on social vulnerability, which focused on children attended by the Red Cross, 18% of the children claimed to have no games or toys,” said Carlos Cortés, Director of the Red Cross Youth.


This is one of the conclusions of Bulletin, Number 13, “What Children Say”, about the Vulnerability of Children attended by the Red Cross, where unemployment is identified by children as the main cause of economic difficulties: 52% say their families have had serious economic problems within the past year and 47% acknowledge that they are cold at home.


New ways to collaborate with the Toys campaign in the province.


This Christmas, through the campaign “Your Rights in the Game”, the Red Cross Youth seeks to collect in more than 8 towns in the province about 2,500 new toys, together with non-war toys and non-sexist toys, for more than 1,500 children, between newborns and up to the age of 17 years old, in order to guarantee the right to play of the most vulnerable children  throughout the year.


In this edition, in addition to the delivery of toys at the collection points enabled, you can collaborate with the campaign by making donations to the Red Cross website, by phoning 900 22 44 90 and by sending an SMS message with the word TOYS to 28092 (€1.20) and to 38092 (€6), which will be used entirely for the purchase of toys for children and families in social difficulty.


For more information about the Toys campaign in the province, consult the webpage of the campaign:









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Image of the Red Cross Youth Campaign:


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