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Update from the Preventorio Gandia

BayRadio | February 7, 2017

So it was time to visit the children at the Preventorio in Gandía for the birthdays.
Joy Williams, the lovely lady who made the Christmas cake ( Santa stuck down the chimney)  for them came with cup cakes for everyone…her first visit to the home and hopefully one of many .?

Nothing changes,the children were so excited and still talking about the Christmas party !!
Thanks to the generosity of the Costa Blanca business Association (CBBA) we are almost covered for the birthdays this year.

With the donations given to the home we are having a massive clean up in the gardens when this weather improves and have ordered an electronic white board for yr 4 class room as it was the only class without.

New shelving has been built in the laundry room which was desperate for more space.
All this has been achieved and planned since Christmas and only possible because of everyone’s generosity. Thank you so much !!




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