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Urgent Emaus Appeal!

Dougie Mack | May 2, 2017


PLEASE HELP!!! Maybe the last hope!!!
Once again I ask for your help on behalf of these 96 children, 24 mentally challenged youngsters, women that have suffered domestic violence, 11 babies and 78 elderly residents – the most vulnerable that live among us who are all at presently facing a very unsure further due to the failure and closure of the Emaus association. After nearly a year of the Emaus group going through the painful process of liquidation and the now outstanding debt of a staggering 5 million Euros being owed to the government’s Social Security department who have refused to allow this debt to be wavered even though a main line national charity is willing to take the group over. This outstanding debt of which over 40% (interest and fines) has been incurred by late governmental payments to Emaus, is now the only thing standing between the future security and happiness of over 200 of the most vulnerable people who live amongst us and the total devastation of their lives. In the height of the financial crisis Banks have been pardoned outstanding taxes to the tune of 655 million, football teams have been excused of outstanding taxes of over 42 million; I know we are talking about children who are too young to vote or youngsters who are not able to vote but are their lives any less important?
How can we help?? If we can get as many people as possible, friends, family, work mates to sign this petition as shown below, the regional Spanish government has to reconsider this unfair and shortsighted decision. Please “Share” this post with as many friends and other media sites as possible and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Awareness and your signature could be the only HOPE these kids, youngsters, women and elderly now have…
How you can help!!!
Press on link below. Press on “Firma está petición”. /First name./Surname./ Email address./Your country./Postal code./Why you’re signing this petition (English is fine)./ “Firma” (Sign)
We might just make someone listen!!!…

Written by Dougie Mack

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