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Crazy happy day at the Preventorio

Moody | June 16, 2017

Yesterday was a crazy happy day at the Children’s home in Gandia.

We had six birthdays to celebrate and with the end of school term looming there were 50 hyper children to entertain hug and kiss !!
It’s been a good year and one we can look back on knowing we have made a difference. From helping the amazing kitchen staff to the volunteers who sort out the laundry with new kitchen equipment, new shelving and a sheltered drying area for the washing.
Electronic white boards in all the class rooms, new note books for children with learning difficulties.
Birthday presents for each child every month, sponsored by Costa Blanca Business Association, birthday cakes supplied by Julie Borthwick from the Baptist Church in Javea.

We are now helping to organise a camping holiday for as many children as possible.

Javea dental la Plaza have agreed to come a do a dental check up for all the children in September.
And a big project also in September is to create the new library and quiet area for the children.

All of this has been made possible with the support of Bay Radio  and all the people who have donated in so many ways.
Please don’t stop and thank you and have a super summer all of you.


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Written by Moody

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