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Brexiteer warns Remoaners attempts to THWART Brexit are a ‘THREAT to democracy’

BayRadio | April 5, 2018

Brexiteer warns Remoaners attempts to thwart Brexit are a ‘THREAT to democracy’

Brexiteer MP Nigel Evans warned remainers should stop trying to undermine the results of the Brexit referendum, suggesting that a second vote on membership of the European Union would be a “threat to democracy.”

The staunch pro-Brexit MP warned Remainers such as former PM John Major that attempt to thwart the withdrawal process would undermine British democracy.

In a highly criticised speech in February, the former PM launched a scathing attack on Brexiteers and demanded the Government give Parliament the power to order a second vote on membership of the European Union.

But talking exclusively to Mr Evans hit back at Mr Major and other political figures questioning the Brexit results, saying: “A second vote would be a threat not to Britain’s relationship with the European Union, it would be a threat to democracy.

“We have just gone through the largest exercise in democracy that the United Kingdom has ever seen. More people voted in that referendum than have voted in any other election in the United Kingdom.

“John Major, God bless him, said prior to the referendum there is not going to be a second referendum, this is it.”

Mr Evans – who has been serving as MP for Ribble Valley since 1992 and has long been a supporter of Britain withdrawing from the EU – argued that Remainers should abide by the Brexit results as David Cameron had failed to negotiate a better deal for Britain’s EU membership during talks with Brussels in 2014.

He continued: “The time for negotiation was when David Cameron sat down with the European Union and tried to work out what was the deal to be given to the English people.

“Mr Cameron, God bless him, decided to send a pamphlet to every household – I was very unhappy about that because it was costing over £9 million – and it was basically British propaganda in favour of staying in the European Union.

“But nonetheless it’s proven to be incredibly valuable now because what it said on the back was that they would follow whatever the British people were going to vote.”

He added: “My advice is to listen to what David Cameron said, and what John Major said then and not what John Major may be saying now. That is that the British people have spoken loud and clear.”

Mr Evans also suggested the behaviour the EU has adopted over the past few years could push member states to want out of the bloc.

He warned EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to stop being “scared” of Brexit to focus instead on the reasons behind the increasing unpopularity of the institution, saying: “I understand that the European Union are scared that if it’s a great success for the United Kingdom then other countries may wish to follow suit.

“If I were President Juncker I would look at the reason why it is that other countries are so unhappy with the European Union. I don’t think Juncker gets the message.”

Written by BayRadio

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