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Day 2 – the first session, in association with

BayRadio | May 9, 2018

Day 2 – I arrived at Quentin’s, set in beautiful, peaceful location.

After an initial chat about my reasons for doing this, and a few rules regarding hypnosis and my planned program, Quentin made sure I was comfortable and began.

I found it difficult to relax at first, but as he led me through the process, I found my breathing was slowing down, and little by little my body relaxed.

At all times I was fully conscious of where I was, but was able to really centre my mind on Quentin’s voice, and follow his instructions. He led me around my own mind, all the time instilling in me that from now on, I will listen to the signals from my body – this is especially important when it comes to my “virtual gastric band”.
The theory behind the program is as follows:
“It is really simple; when we are born we have a built-in natural mechanism which tells us when to eat (babies cry when they are hungry – no-one needs to tell them!) and when to stop (babies just stop when their bodies have had enough) – we un-learn this natural instinct over the years.”
My plan is to re-learn that natural instinct using a combination of techniques, all perfectly safe and natural, with no pills or potions.


Quentin then “woke me up” and I have to say it was a strange (but pleasant) experience. I felt that I needed to take time for myself to assimilate everything, and the drive home gave me this opportunity.

I wasn’t hungry, but did have a great thirst for cold water (which I never drink!) – this was mentioned within the hypnotherapy session, and I’m amazed at how it’s working for me.
By the time I arrived home, I had received an mp3 from Quentin, with instructions to listen to it as often as possible…….I went to bed last night, ready to not be able to sleep as per normal……. I think I was 20 minutes in and was out for the count!
This morning, I have had a cereal bar for breakfast, lots of water, and now at 2pm, I’m considering a small salad….. I’m looking forward to listening to my mp3 again tonight, and will report more tomorrow!

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