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Day 4 – it’s Friday! In association with

BayRadio | May 11, 2018

I listened to my mp3 again, which I find I’m looking forward to, as “me-time” and a time to truly relax.

I was on-air with Kal and Rosy this afternoon, and we discussed the differences between showbiz hypnotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy – I’m not walking around like a chicken or offering to hand all my money to Quentin! (a lá Kenny Craig from Little Britain)

As I’ve mentioned, I was consciously aware of my surroundings at all times, and found it was more about entering a deep state of relaxation.

I’ve been following the rules I was given, I have new jeans hanging on the wardrobe, and when I thought I was hungry, I’ve consciously thought about whether I am or not……..and found that rather than thinking about food, I’m just wondering if I should be hungry (if that makes sense!).

The idea is to reset your mind, and so far so good!

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