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The first weekend – in association with

BayRadio | May 14, 2018

I thought the weekend may be the toughest time, especially with family visiting…..

Friday night came around, and we went out for a few drinks and dinner – a fantastic fish and chips was on offer at our local, which most of our party ordered… I would normally …. I found myself ordering a mushroom omelette with a side salad, and did not manage to finish it all (I’m not even keen on omelettes!)

I kept to my usual gin and tonic zeros, and had a great night!

Saturday, we were up and about working on my new kitchen, and sat down to a brunch of 1 piece of toast and a spoonful of scrambled eggs (made for me and delicious – more eggs though!). I spent most of the day putting the kitchen back together, and painting. Dinner was a pea and coriander soup (also made for me) – one small bowl, a chapati, and lots of water……

Sunday meant more kitchen work (it’s almost there), and for lunch, 4-5 slices of mohama tuna with almonds (this was recommended to me by a guest at BayRadio, and is much like a really good jamon – it was lovely…. dinner again was a bowl of more pea soup, and an early night to listen to my mp3.

After just one session of hypnotherapy, and listening to my mp3 (almost) every day, I have to say that I have surprised myself – I feel less bloated already, and am really taking the time to chew my food, and listen to my body signals telling me that I have had enough…

Tomorrow is session 2, and measurements to be taken!!

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