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The second reset session – in association with

BayRadio | May 16, 2018

I went for my second session yesterday….. I found it easier to relax, and was not so nervous about what lay ahead…..

First we carried out some measurements, following on from last week, and I have already lost 11cm overall – from my neck, bust, waist, hips – I was over the moon!
I haven’t felt at all like I’m on a diet – I’m not…… but I’m finding that I crave different foods, foods that are a little better for me, and I am eating less, feeling fuller quicker.

I’m feeling less stressed, and I’m also sleeping better.

Quentin is reinforcing things that I suppose we already know….eating slower, stopping when you are full, and has added a few extras this week as subtle reminders for me in my day to day. The difference is that the messages seem to come from inside, without consciously thinking about it. What I love about this program so far is that I haven’t had to give anything up, I see it more as re-programming my mind, meaning it’s a lifestyle change for the better.

Quentin will be joining me, Kal and Rosy in the studio on Friday 18th May from 5pm – please join us and send any questions to [email protected]

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