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BayRadio | May 17, 2018

Today has been a bit of a struggle… dinner was prepared for me last night,  beautiful chicken satay skewers that were placed in the centre of the table…. I had allowed myself to get a little too hungry, which is against the rules 🙁 I know I had one too many, as I could feel it straightaway  – the uncomfortable feeling after eating too much

Today brought a late breakfast of a cereal bar and lots of water. I have my little prompts everywhere that Quentin provided me with, and managed to stick to avocado and wholemeal crackers for lunch. Tonight I had half a chicken breast, made on my George Foreman grill, and I’m off to bed to listen to my mp3.
Not the best of days, but we will see what tomorrow brings – Quentin is joining us on BayRadio at 5pm and with the help of my recording, I’m positive tomorrow will be better.

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