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BayRadio | May 22, 2018

Well, I’ve just got back from session 3, and I feel a difference already…….

I had gone along to Quentin feeling a disappointed with myself, I felt that my “full” signals were not loud enough, and I was overriding them…. however, I was consciously aware of this, and was confident that we could work on it.

We sat down and had a chat about some of the issues I had come across, and why I thought I felt that way… I was measured, and have managed to maintain my loss of centimetres, plus 1, so at least I haven’t increased……We then began the relaxation process, this becomes easier each time.

Quentin directed me to think about my stomach, and we agreed that I needed to visualise the shape as something more solid, as last week I had envisioned a balloon, which as we all know, can stretch! We have worked on changing the vision that I have, and I hope the feelings that I have now will continue, with the help of my daily mp3 listening.

I bought sushi on my way home, and have had 3 pieces, and I’m feeling full – my craving for cold water is stronger than ever, as I realise that I’m not really starving.

This session was the longest so far, we covered lots of points, and I felt enlightened that I could see exactly what my eating habits are linked to – I now know that my perceived hunger comes from the same place as my stress and anxiety, meaning that when I think I’m hungry, perhaps I’m not.

We also had a chat afterwards, regarding the virtual gastric band, as I have not yet had this fitted… Q has suggested that I don’t need it, however, I have said I would like to give it a try, so next week will be even more interesting!

Tomorrow is a busy day again, I’m out all day in Torrevieja, with lots of appointments, so will update on Thursday.

Thanks for reading, and for further information on my treatment, and other services offered by Quentin, you can email [email protected]

Not only do they offer weight loss programs, they can also help you to stop smoking, nerves, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, bereavement and much more……Quentin or one of his team will meet with you first, with no obligation.






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