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Friday 1st June …. with

BayRadio | June 1, 2018

Last night – with family, and we visited the best local indian restaurant……. always great food, with attentive service – so what to order?

Was I to have a lamb tikka saag, pilau rice, and a naan? I felt this would overface me, so I decided to go a different route for a change.

I chose a nepalese sizzler dish, made with lamb, onions and spices, and ordered a chapati. Other guests ordered various dishes.

When mine came, I served myself a large spoonful, and had a small spoonful of rice from someone else’s dish. I ate slowly, and mainly stuck to the beautifully tender meat, as I can chew this and enjoy it, much more preferable to rice!

I ended up taking two thirds of the curry home with me, that’s dinner sorted for tomorrow!


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