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Do you want to lose weight? I have lost 18.5cm (so far) with !!

BayRadio | June 11, 2018

Just a quick update, as typically normal life has got in the way of me updating my blog!

Last Tuesday saw the official end of my 4 week course of hypnotherapy. At my last count, I had lost around 18.5cm overall, and I haven’t yet measured myself to see how this is continuing. I can (and do) however, judge this by my clothing – I have never been one for weighing myself, and I feel much better (plus I need to buy a new belt!)

Many people have been interested in my journey, and what hypnosis feels like – it’s hard to describe until you try it – it’s a great state of relaxation, and has helped me with stress, sleeping, and a few other issues, alongside my weight loss journey.

There is no food that I can’t eat, nor have I had to stop drinking. The aim is to reset your thinking – everyone will relate to having been told they can’t leave the table, by parents, until you clean your plate…… you’ve maybe done it with your own kids too (I have), where you try to convince them to eat a few more mouthfuls……

The treatment basically takes you back to being able to listen to your body – eat slower, and give your brain chance to receive the “I’m full” message from your stomach. When you think you may be hungry, have a glass of water, then decide if you were actually hungry, thought you should be hungry, or if in fact were thirsty, stressed or bored!

Everyone will have had moments with kids whereby they don’t finish their dinner, say they are full, yet are hungry again an hour or two later – this is their natural programming, which we learn to override as we get older.

The concept is simple – Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re not

For further information, contact Quentin at [email protected] – you will need to complete a short questionnaire, and can then decide if this is for you – there’s no pressure and no obligation. Q also helps with other issues, via clinical hypnotherapy – smoking, nerves, stress and more.

I can personally recommend the treatment, and you’ve got nothing to lose by finding out if this can work for you too!

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