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British parents are loving Spanish baby names – and some are VERY unusual

BayRadio | June 12, 2018

Would you choose any of these Spanish baby names for your boy or girl?

Not all British parents choose traditional  for their kids.

Quirkier options are in fashion, with some mums and dads drawing inspiration from different cultures and countries.

So it should come as no surprise that Spanish monikers are a hit in 2018.

Spanish is a Latin-based language, just like French and Italian.

Many are drawn to names with these origins, as they have a very romantic feel.

Lucas, Mia and Amelia are among  – and each can be traced back to the Mediterranean country.

And they aren’t the only monikers that are set to take off.

Babycentre revealed more Spanish options that are trending at the moment.

So would you choose any of them for your little ones?

Top trending Spanish names for girls

1. Luna

2. Rafaela

3. Violeta

4. Antonella

5. Gabriela

6. Valentina

7. Julieta

8. Lucía

9. Alba

10. Arely

Top trending Spanish names for boys

1. Octavio

2. Javier

3. Vivaldo

4. Cristóbal

5. Alejandro

6. Luciano

7. Rafael

8. Valentín

9. Máximo

10. Eduardo

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn can be a daunting task.

Previously, we revealed the monikers that have been trending during spring.

In recent weeks, there has also been debate about whether or not it’s wrong to call your child something unusual.

A Mumsnet user sparked discussion by slamming this baby name.

There was also uproar when a Netmums poster complained that hyphenated first names are “chavvy”.

Written by BayRadio

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