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What MPs will be voting on: The Brexit bill amendments

BayRadio | June 12, 2018

Here’s a round-up of the amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that MPs are expected to consider and maybe vote on during Tuesday and Wednesday.

The government opposes the following Lords amendments:

  • Granting new powers to oversee changes made to EU law by the government
  • Removing the precise day of Brexit from the wording of the bill
  • Removing a section allowing ministers to use secondary legislation to establish when individuals can challenge the validity of retained EU law after exit
  • Only let ministers use delegated powers to amend retained EU law where “necessary”
  • Preventing ministers from using delegated powers to implement the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement
  • Make staying in the European Economic Area, like Norway, a “negotiating objective” for the UK
  • Transferring the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law
  • Allowing “enhanced scrutiny” when ministers use delegated powers to change EU employment, equality health and safety, consumer and environment rules

The government has proposed its own version of these ones:

  • Giving Parliament the power to decide what happens if MPs and peers reject the final Brexit deal
  • Explicitly preserving cooperation between Northern Ireland and the Republic and commit to no new border arrangements without the agreement of the UK and Irish governments
  • Allowing people to challenge UK law if it fails to comply with the general principles of EU law
  • Forcing ministers to maintain EU environmental principles in domestic law after Brexit
  • Compelling ministers to aim for a deal allowing unaccompanied child refugees to join relatives in the UK

The government has accepted this amendment:

  • Allowing the UK to replicate EU law made after Brexit day and continue to participate in EU agencies

The government is backing a compromise backbench amendment on this:

  • Forcing the government to report on “steps taken to negotiate a customs union with the EU” by 31 October

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