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Higher unemployment rates in EU cities for people born outside bloc

BayRadio | October 11, 2018

People born outside of the European Union are more likely to be unemployed in its cities than those born within the bloc, according to a new data analysis by Eurostat, which points to Croatia and the Czech Republic as the only exceptions.

The analysis by the EU’s statistical office shows that Greece had the highest unemployment rate among people from outside of the EU in 2016, at almost 33%. The rate was around 30% among people born in another EU state, and 24.6% among people born locally.

In Spain, the unemployment rate was 24.6% for people born outside of the EU, compared to around 20.1% for people born in another nation in the bloc, and 17.2% for those born in the country.

The vast majority of EU states had a similar pattern of unemployment rates among the three groups.

The differences were most stark in cities in Belgium, where the unemployment rate for people born outside of the bloc was more than double that of those born in another member state, Finland and Sweden.

Croatia and the Czech Republic were the only exceptions.

In Croatia, the highest unemployment rate shown in the data available was among people born locally, at 11.3%, while in the Czech Republic the highest rate was among those born in another EU member state, at 6.2%.

In five EU member states — Italy, Cyprus, the UK, Ireland and Portugal — the unemployment rate in cities for people born in another EU member state was lower than the rate for people born in the reporting country.

Meanwhile, the total unemployment rate across EU cities was 9.1%, compared to 15.4% among people born outside of the bloc.

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