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Lady Elizabeth School Pupils and Teachers – Caring for the Environment

BayRadio | October 29, 2018

On Sunday 28 October, twenty-four dedicated members of the The Lady Elizabeth School ‘Tritones Association’, (dolphin research and environmental care group), braved the cold to participate in the ‘Denia Beach Clean-up’. Over 70 people volunteered for the Beach Clean-up including the Red Cross, local Police, kayaking companies, Town Council Workers, independent volunteers and people just ‘passing by’. The event, organised by the Denia Ayuntamiento, was hugely successful with many large containers of rubbish being removed from the beach.

The volunteers from The Lady Elizabeth School, collected more than three containers full of rubbish and were horrified that in amongst that was a half-full 40 litre sack of cigarette butts!

Mr Hollingworth, Marine Science teacher and founder of the Tritones Association, was extremely proud of the students and the School community of volunteers. ‘I am usually very proud to take the largest independently organised group to the Denia Beach Clean-ups, but this year we were 24 volunteers and made up more than a THIRD of the total number of volunteers!’ In his email to the Tritones Association volunteers he thanked and congratulated the group saying, ‘You guys are amazing!!! Thank you all for the effort on a wet and cold Sunday morning (the divers were there at 08:00!!)’ He also passed on his thanks to the parents and family members who drove the pupils to Denia, some who stayed to give a helping hand. He continued to say, ‘I just finished talking to the organisers and they are immensely grateful, they will be talking about us and our School all this week. This gives the School a great reputation and hence you all carry this great reputation with you as well.’

Thank you to all pupils, teachers and parents, who participated in the event, for their continued care for the environment.



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