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Busy morning! Donation tins now available

BayRadio | November 12, 2018

Busy busy morning I need to breathe !!
Boiler serviced an hour earlier than expected.
Dropped off donation tins at Montgo Verd, thank you Sandra Dapprich
Another tin at Nostro coffee shop, thank you Junior and the lovely Costa family for also donating Two cakes for Rosie Woodham Divino Open day on the 22nd.
El Campo Restuarant have one also, thank you Kate Evans (hugs are very underrated)

Another tin at Natural Fitness Spin studio and Paris 24 are sharing this one after the SPIN 90 on the 16th …. eek I’m doing that one !!

More tins on the way thanks to Positive Signs and designs Dale Calow 😊Andrea Cronk I will get one to you !!

Finally I’m on air at 5.10 if you fancy a listen on Bayradio of course 😉


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