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Preventorio de Gandia

Thank you Rosie! 💖

BayRadio | November 22, 2018

Rosie Woodham
What can I say !! Thank you for opening up your beautiful home and allowing us to sell our teas and cakes in aid of El Preventorio.
We smashed it …. so many beautiful cakes and savouries and almost all gone. We raised €859 just on this alone !!

Joy Williams 
Your beautiful chocolate Orió cake raised €160 and was won by Dee Wilkes (a very happy lady).
The Harry Potter Santa was won by a lovely lady called Julie Emm.

Then there was “that ADVENT calendar” from Harrods and so beautiful 💖donated by Teresa Watkin from Blush in Alcalali. This raised a staggering €1,150 and was won by Lyn James.

Sarah Mears with all her sparkly trinkets…thank you !!

All the volunteers that came to help out,
Kay Cawsey Virginie Pauc Zoe Candice Samson Anja van Bijsteren Nishitha Foster Angela Gibson and everyone else that took a turn, you are all stars ⭐️ and I couldn’t do this without your support and the support of Bayradio.

Thank you for believing in what I do and why. It’s about the children and always about the children.
A brilliant, happy, successful day and everyone who came did it for the children.

Written by BayRadio

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