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Huge haul of ‘cannibalised’ firearms recovered in Seville

BayRadio | January 8, 2019

Four ‘traffickers’ who allegedly acquired parts of weapons and ‘cannibalised’ them for sale, have been arrested in Seville.

The procedure involves using ‘fundamental parts of different firearms, which are subject to strict legal control in Spain’, to create complete weapons.

As part of Operation Armstrong, National Police officers seized two automatic submachine guns together with several specific pieces for rearming, an active caliber 5.56 bolt action rifle, an active 22 bit caliber rifle, two 22 caliber rifles, an active Glock short weapon, 14 Glock weapons, different ammunition of war of the caliber 5.56, more than 2,000 cartridges of the caliber 9mm as well as several other pieces – firing needles, silencers, and tools to assemble firearms.

The parts are believed to have been bought from suppliers across Europe. The investigation is on-going under the operational action plan 2018 of the so-called Empact Firearms (European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats), which leads and promotes the coordinated action of the countries of the EU against the illicit traffic of weapons.

Written by BayRadio

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