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Four dead in freak conditions caused by heavy rains in Northern Spain

BayRadio | January 25, 2019

Four people have died in landslides and river overflows caused by the heavy rains that have struck Asturias.

The latest casualty was a 70 year-old who was killed when his car dropped 50 metres after a road collapsed in Mieres, just after 1pm on Thursday afternoon.

Hours earlier, at 11.20am, the dead body of a 41 year-old man recovered in the Porciles River in Tineo, during a search operation launched after he was reported missing yesterday.

The resident of Pena had told his family he was going to check on land nearby at 2pm, which meant crossing the river. It is believed he made his journey at the same time river levels rose due to the intense rains.

And a 62 year-old man died when his vehicle was struck by a landslide in Llero, Laviana. The car overturned, and dropped four metres.

Meanwhile, co-workers of a 42 year-old found him dead in his car after the vehicle reportedly fell 500 metres from a forest track in the Salas area at around 1.40am. They had gone looking for him after he didn’t return home.

In some stations, the Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation has registered up to 126 litres per sqm today.

Around 20 roads are closed in Asturias, 15 schools have been closed and Arriondas Hospital and a nearby nursing home have been evacuated as a precaution.


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