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Flybe jet evacuated on runway after cabin fills with ‘smoke’ during take-off at Exeter Airport

BayRadio | March 1, 2019

A passenger said people on the flight were told “evacuate, evacuate” and had to get out as quickly as possible.

A Flybe aircraft has been evacuated after the plane’s cabin filled with “smoke” just moments before take-off at Exeter Airport.

The flight, which was bound for Alicante in Spain, was accelerating along the runway when its lift-off was swiftly aborted.

The 100 passengers and five crew were forced to leave the plane using inflatable slides.

Everyone evacuated safely but one passenger suffered a broken ankle, said the airline.

Andy Feaver, 51, who was on the flight with his wife, said: “As soon as I got on I smelled burning. As we were going along the runway to get ready to take off it stank of fuel.

“As they put the accelerator down to go, it filled up with smoke in the cabin.

“The pilot said ‘evacuate, evacuate’ and we all got out as quickly as we could.

“It was pretty scary. I’m not sure what caused it.”

 He added: “Ten seconds later we could have been up in the air and that could have been a completely different story.”Mr Feaver also praised the “fantastic” crew for how they dealt with the emergency.

Footage of the incident shows a woman being carried away from the Embraer 195 aircraft by two men, while another person falls forward at the bottom of a slide.

Flybe said the flight experienced “haze in the cabin” and its crew took the “necessary measures”.

It also confirmed the passengers had been booked onto another flight to Alicante, which departed more than five hours after the original flight was due to take off.

The runway at Exeter Airport was closed for an hour after the incident but has since re-opened.

Last year, an IndiGo flight from Jaipur to Kolkata was forced to make an emergency landing and evacuate after the cabin filled with smoke in mid-air.

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