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Spain’s far-right party Vox crowd-funds 200,000 euros ahead of election

BayRadio | March 6, 2019

Spain’s far-right party Vox said on Tuesday it had raised more than 200,000 euros ($226,500) in crowd-funding from supporters in just two days to finance its election campaign.

The anti-immigration party needs to find money because it is too new and small to receive public subsidies ahead of the parliamentary election on April 28.

Opinion polls show a fragmented political landscape in which the make-up of the next government is unclear, but far-right lawmakers are set to be elected for the first time in nearly four decades.

Responding to the rise of nationalist parties across Europe ahead of European Union elections in May, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday made an impassioned defense of a new Europe to convince people not to back such groups.

In Spain, memories of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, who died in 1975, meant the country had long resisted far-right parties.

As a newcomer, founded in 2013, pollsters had underestimated Vox’s score in a regional election in Andalusia in December, where it won 12 seats out of 109.

On Tuesday, Vox leader Santiago Abascal said on Twitter: “Thanks to all those who in just 2 days have given us 20 percent of the necessary support to face the next electoral campaign. We continue with our challenge.”

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