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Habaneras Shopping centre is collaborating with the Libera Project in the collection of waste and plastic from the beaches of Torrevieja.

BayRadio | June 14, 2019

Habaneras Shopping Centre, managed by JLL, is especially aware of the rapid deterioration of
our environment and has among its aims and objective to change things. Therefore, as part of
the #YoSoyTorrevieja movement, an initiative started by Habaneras this June, the centre will
also participate in Ecoembes’ initiative called #ProyectoLIBERA “United against littering in
For the third consecutive year, SEO/Birdlife, in alliance with Ecoembes is organising a
nationwide macro-collection whose objective is to mobilise citizens to keep the litter
generated by humans out of nature. This great waste collection will take place next Saturday
15 June and Habaneras Shopping Centre aspires to join this endeavour by directing its efforts
toward achieving a large attendance by the citizens of Torrevieja.
In this way, Habaneras, sharing the same spirit and passion for environmental care, has joined
this project with the aim of eliminating rubbish from one of the great treasures of Torrevieja,
its beaches. So the centre has organised its “Shark Patrol” for this Saturday which will leave by
bus at 7:30 pm, from the shopping centre to the beaches of La Mata and Los Locos. At the
same time, however, anyone who wishes to contribute to this cause is invited to go to the
established meeting points at 8:00 pm, to participate in the event. Furthermore, Habaneras
will provide everything needed for the beach collection.
This important initiative contributes to the actions already in place at the centre such as the
“Shark Patrol” which has been offering different workshops for children since 5 June, focused
on teaching the children as they learn, the importance of caring for and keeping the beaches
and the natural environment clean.
Habaneras, together with the community’s collaboration, has also managed to almost
completely fill the shark sculpture-container at the main entrance of the Centre with the
plastic and residue collected from the coasts of Torrevieja. In this manner, the first shark
container will be emptied on 14 June in continuing with the collection activities
In this comprehensive calendar of activities and coinciding with the celebration of “World
Oceans Day” on 8 June, the shopping centre has organised the exhibition “The Sea Watchers.

Your look is the change” by the CSIC (Centre of Scientific Research); which was defended by
the talk given by biologist, Juan Antonio Pujol, and complemented by a presentation by the
prestigious biologist and Doctor of Marine Sciences; Claudio Barría, who is currently
participating in several research and dissemination projects on sharks and rays, as animals in
serious danger of extinction in the Mediterranean Sea, in this way bringing the scientific
community to people of Torrevieja.
Habaneras Shopping Centre encourages everyone to take part in this movement and be an
outstanding example of civic responsibility, consolidating #YoSoyTorrevieja as a leitmotif of the
campaign, the importance of preserving our coastlines with the help of everyone. And you?

Written by BayRadio

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