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Ryanair talks with Canary Islands Government to minimise disruptions

BayRadio | August 28, 2019

The Secretary of State for Tourism has planned a meeting with Ryanair representatives and the government of the Canary Islands to discuss ways of avoiding the scheduled closures of Ryanair’s stations at airports in Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Ryanair has announced that they will stop flying to four airports in Spain and they will have to lay off 512 employees which amount to the number of people that are currently working for the airline in these airports. The date that they have set for these significant cuts is January 8 2020.

The Ministry for Tourism in the Canary Islands and the Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Oliver hope to hold the talks with Ryanair mid-September and come to some agreement on how to minimise the impact of the cutbacks, the ideal situation being one where Ryanair continues business with the airports even if it is less frequent.

The regional government is open to offering a subsidy to Ryanair as the multinational conglomerate airline has valuable connectivity to the rest of Europe. The state government, however, is more tentative, making the point that this has never been allowed before.

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