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Andalucía patients can download X-rays and read their clinical data online thanks to ClicSalud+

BayRadio | September 19, 2019

PATIENTS in Andalucía can now access a website allowing them to print or download their X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs, and reports interpreting these.

The portal ClicSalud+ lets residents collect copies of their test results so that if they decide to request a second opinion or turn to the private sector – either paying for it themselves or via health insurance – they do not have to repeat their scans.

They can also check other health data such as drugs they have been prescribed, how to take them, their doctor’s instructions concerning them, and the date they need to return to the pharmacy to get the next batch.

Hospital reports from consultations, admissions or interventions can be accessed, including those from A&E, plus records of their vaccinations and results of blood, urine and stool tests.

The site lets patients consult information concerning all the times they have been signed off sick, the reasons, and dates, and when they need to return to their GP to get another sick note if they are still off work.

ClicSalud+ includes the facility for patients to book GP appointments, vaccinations, nurse’s and paediatrician’s visits online – something already in place in many, but not all, of Spain’s autonomously-governed regions.

Clearly, though, they cannot book hospital consultations, operations or tests, since these need a GP referrals.

Ever since the online GP appointment-booking system went live in September – up to 14 years since it was introduced in other regions, such as Valencia – over 700,000 patients per month have used it to get a doctor’s visit.

Anyone in Andalucía on a waiting list for an operation can check average times, and all residents can renew their SIP or health card online, request a temporary reassignment to another health department or surgery if they are due to be away for a set period or move house, choose a new practice or doctor, and access what is known as a ‘living will’.

They can also change their contact details online if they move or get a new phone number.

The secure platform allows for contact between health professionals and patients in the strictest confidence, and for any data the patient authorise to be passed onto other professionals, such as private medical practitioners.

In this way, private GPs or consultants can exchange information and messages with the patient’s other, public-sector medical workers.

Log-in details vary according to how sensitive the data are – from a SIP number and date of birth for booking appointments through to a digital signature or specially-designated PIN numbers for specific clinical information.

Andalucía regional health service is working on improving, upgrading and expanding the ClicSalud+ service.

It is likely that similar systems will eventually roll out to other regions in Spain.

Written by BayRadio

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