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BayRadio | October 1, 2019

El Preventorio in Gandia now looks after 45 children and receive no help other than through Fundraising. With children as young as 3 years old being cared for, every year it gets harder and harder.

GO SOBER FOR OCTOBER is back. But this time, as Dougie did it for Macmillan a couple of years ago, this year Dougie, Kal and Kate have decided to raise money for El Preventorio in Gandia, the children’s home.

So a few of us at BayRadio decided to give up our alcohol intake for October and get you lovely lot to donate to the cause, a cause so close to our hearts.
Anyone who is willing to donate 25 euros or more will allow one of us a Golden Ticket – once you’ve made the donation, let us know who you would like to receive it on the original post via our Facebook Page

Donate via GoFundMe

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