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Valencian Doctor Caught With Half A Kilo Of Cocaine In His Backpack

BayRadio | October 2, 2019

A valencian doctor specialising in surgery of the face has been charged with a crime against public health after being caught with half a kilo of cocaine in his backpack last Friday.

Policia Nacional arrested renowned maxillofacial surgeon Dr Luis Senís as he was leaving the house of a suspected cocaine dealer in the Saïda district of Valencia city.

Dr Luis Senís was jailed with €50,000 bail by Valencia’s Court of Instruction Number 5 while the trial continues.

Maxillofacial surgeons are ironically specialists in reconstructing the faces of cocaine addicts, who can suffer devastating midfacial deterioration as a result of snorting the stimulant.

According to police reports given to the judge, the cocaine was of high purity, and compressed into a so-called brick as is common with traffickers sending the narcotic to Europe from the production laboratories in South American jungles.

Investigators also detained the suspected cocaine trafficker Carlos S. V., from whose house Dr Luis Senís exited before his arrest.

Police found €10,000 located at the alleged trafficker’s house – the courts will now investigate if this was the money paid by Dr Luis Senís for the drug.

Half a kilo of cocaine is valued at around €17,000 – whole kilos, sold in bulk, are about €33,000.

Dr Senís rose to notoriety earlier this year after videos leaked of him having sexual relations with a woman in the bathrooms at his clinic in Valencia.

Written by BayRadio

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