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BayRadio | October 15, 2019

While preparing to renovate our shelter, we suffered flooding, chaos and structural damage to our old and deteriorating building during the recent severe storms along the Costa Blanca. Our already weakened roof could not cope and sustained a large hole. Now we must work fast to save this historic building. Whether you are a member of the public or a local
business, everyone can join our ever growing group of “Friends of Aldea Felina” and help us care for abandoned cats in the community by donating to this project.

After extending the outside living area for our cats during the summer, just a few weeks ago, we made a list of all the things we would need to do, to repair our shelter, which is falling down around us. We are living in the old RENFE railway house, with the permission of the Denia town council, who in the year 2000 agreed we could look after the homeless cats for the community of Denia here.

The job now in front of us means we need your help. We will not manage this alone, and hope you will support us in our time of need, during this crisis.

We have to spend lots of time and money renovating, fixing and replacing everything that has been our home during these hard working years. The complicated part about this work is doing it while the cats are living there. We have no option but to work around them, as we have no other place to rehouse them, while the work is going on. But we will manage!

Part of Aldea Felina’s mission is to provide cats with a temporary home while waiting to be adopted and some of our unadoptable cats live permanently in our shelter. They deserve the best we can give them. For us to achieve our goal and make these repairs we must raise at least €20,000 euros. Can you help us by donating to our project? Look at the pictures and read more about our cause on our website. We have already received kind donations from the public but still have a long way to go.

Vsit our project online on

We hope you will open your heart to local cats in need and give a little, or as much as you can to help. Thank you!


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