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Canary Island government to fund disabled-friendly works region-wide

BayRadio | October 28, 2019

CANARY Island regional authorities have set aside nearly three-quarters of a million euros to make streets and public buildings as disabled-friendly as possible.

All local councils can apply for funding within the next fortnight, and works must be either complete or under way by December 15 this year.

They include actions such as ramps and lifts for public buildings, dropped kerbs at pedestrian crossings, adapted vehicles for public transport or for loaning to disabled residents, disabled toilets, loudspeakers and Braille in hospitals, health centres and other public facilities to help the blind or partially-sighted, handrails on pavements, more disabled parking spaces, and anything else local authorities believe would help their residents.

These can even include signs on the inside of toilet doors reading ‘way out’, for people with dementia, or pedestrian crossings which beep so the partially-sighted and blind know when it is safe to step out.

The regional government pot comes to just over €700,000 and grants of between 25% and 50% are available for each project.

Written by BayRadio

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