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Habaneras shopping center has been invaded by paranormal beings and numerous ghosts

BayRadio | October 28, 2019

This Halloween, the visitors of our shopping center will transform themselves into real ghostbusters to help us fight this terrifying invasion.

For the next couple of days, a very phantasmagorical Halloween awaits the Habaneras mall (managed by JLL). The ghosts will invade the mall just as if we found ourselves in the heart of New York, and they will try to get away, but our brave visitors will have the possibility to capture them and as a result, win many prizes.

Just as every year, in the Habaneras shopping center we make a huge party out of Halloween, from the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. On this special occasion, those who come to our mall will have the chance to participate in a spectacular reality game which has been inspired in the amazing Ghostbusters movie. So whoever dreamt of being part of their famous team, will have the opportunity to become an authentic ghostbuster and to even dress like one: a moment you will always remember and will want to immortalize, something that will be possible thanks to our photocall area.

The game will consist in walking throughout the mall in the search of the many different ghosts that may appear in your way. To prepare for this, there will be a previous workshop where the participants will meet the rest of the team, and get the necessary equipment to become real ghostbusters.

As if this were not enough, they will be getting some help from the ghostbusting experts from Ghostbusters United Spain, who will help them in becoming experts in catching ghosts.

And for our virtual reality game lovers, we have the best, and most up-to-date tech games in our VR game zone for them to submerge themselves in movie sceneries and visit different, far-away cities looking for ghosts.

As for the smallest ones, there will be a special workshop area where they will enjoy themselves making their own slimers.

In order to participate, you just need to download our Habaneras App on your phones and be older than 14 years old. If you are 14 or less, you need to come together with an adult.

All participants will have the chance to win a Play Station or the last Ghostbusters game through a lottery that includes all articipants, as per the current lottery conditions presented in our Habaneras web. Also, thanks to the special cooperation of Ghostbusters United Spain, the participants of the game will be evaluated every day, and put to test in order to decide which ones will be the winners of our playmobil-Ecto 1 figures, which will be awarded only to those who are considered to be true ghostbusters.

Written by BayRadio

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