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12 (Working) Days of Christmas Competition

Laura | November 28, 2019

12 days of Christmas Facebook

Day 1 – Monday 2nd December
Where is the partridge native to?

Day 2 – Tuesday 3rd December
What other type of turtle is a well known group of crime fighting, pizza eaters?

Day 3 – Wednesday 4th December
How do you know your hens are French?

Day 4 – Thursday 5th December
What is the common call of flightless bird, the chicken? (!)

Day 5 – Friday 6th December
What is the traditional unit of gold weight?

Day 6 – Monday 9th December
Question: What type of goose is named after a country?

Day 7 – Tuesday 10th December
Question: Who broke his own world swimming record in Korea earlier this year?

Day 8 – Wednesday 11th December
Question: What type of milk is the subject of a song in A Christmas Carol?

Day 9 – Thursday 12th December
Question: Name a band the recently departed Ginger Baker thrashed the skins with!

Day 10 – Friday 13th December
Question: Which famous Piper married and divorced a well known UK ginger celeb?

Day 11 – Monday 16th December
Question: Which Daly-lady presents Strictly?

Day 12 – Tueday 17th December
Question: What is legendary dummy Lord Charles’s catchphrase?

Enter now: or Whatsapp 684 455 844 with your full name and area.

Written by Laura