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Ian Bennett

[Don't Mention the C Word Presenter]
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Ian has been involved in Commercial Radio here in Spain for the last nine years and now finds himself with a new mission 

Ian has now successfully fought Cancer on three occasions and after the third Cancer episode he was inspired by a good friends loss of his wife to Cancer to come up with a concept so very different to anything ever tried before and a Radio Show entitled ” Don’t Mention the C word ” was born.

The show is broadcast every Monday night here in Spain between 7-9pm on BayRadio 

The Show openly focuses and discusses Cancer and includes interviews with People affected by Cancer , some of the subjects have included, Breast, Prostate and Skin Cancer .

The Show has already been nominated for a Radio Industry Award and continues to go from Strength to Strength .

He has been heavily involved in several Charities since his move to Spain and after his second Cancer episode in 2017 set up a Cancer Chat and Support group in The Jalon Valley , the group has provided invaluable support and advice to people affected by Cancer , not just those diagnosed , but those affected by it , be it partners , families and friends .

Should you wish to contact him direct for advice, help or support then you can email him 

[email protected]

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