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John Curtis

[Weekend Presenter]


He’s a legend!

John is our prized presenter/producer of Ready Steady Sunday, on Sundays from 3pm – 7pm.

He has been part of the local entertainment scene since coming to Spain in 2000. He has always tried to sing material that suits his voice and has developed a specialty in singing songs of the 60´s; in particular the songs of his hero Elvis Presley.
In 2005 John added another string to his bow and achieved a long-standing ambition by becoming a radio presenter.
John joined Bay Radio in 2008 and since then, has produced and presented Ready Steady Sunday which, as suggested by its title, is dedicated to the music of the 60s & 70s. ¨I must confess to being in my early sixties¨ he observes, ¨ but this means I was young when pop music went through its finest times.¨
John has never been very academic but when the subject is one that he loves facts and figures tend to stick in his mind. Ten years on John still believes that we must cherish our musical heritage and is proud to be the voice of our retro show. ¨I know the music is great¨ he says, ¨I hope I make it interesting and fun too.¨