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Sunday Brunch With Rosy (1)
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Every Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00 pm (CET)

Sponsored by The Calpe Bed Centre


A huge Beatles fan and lover of all things 1960s, kitsch quirky and generally daft.  


You can find Rosy every Friday from from 3pm as one part of  ‘Kal & Rosy’  presenting The Friday Feeling and Friday Feeling Extra or looking after Sunday afternoons. 


Rosy is also our indie kid, social media goddess, and marketing guru, everything’s certainly rosier when she’s around.


Rosy loves walking, her dog Buddy and generally having a larf, and she will always try her best to make everyone else feel happy.

Her motto in life is “Life is better when you’re laughing”, and we couldn’t agree more. 


Join Rosy every Sunday for a delightful brunch experience on “Sunday Brunch with Rosy.”


In the first hour, we’ll take you on a leisurely Sunday drive to somewhere fancy through the magic of music, sending you a melodic postcard filled with tunes that evoke the spirit of our chosen destination.


As we cruise through this musical journey, we’ll explore the latest additions to Netflix and other streaming platforms during our ‘Netflix and Chill’ segment. Discover captivating shows and movies that are worth your time, ensuring you’re up to date with the best in entertainment.


But that’s not all – we’ll also sprinkle in the freshest music news, keeping you in the loop with the latest releases, artist updates, and noteworthy happenings in the music industry. Stay tuned for the perfect blend of information and entertainment.


The show doesn’t stop there! We’ll share daft and amusing stories to add a touch of humor to your Sunday brunch. Expect the unexpected as we dive into the unusual and quirky side of life, providing you with a unique and enjoyable listening experience.


Join Rosy for a leisurely, entertaining, and engaging Sunday brunch filled with music, entertainment updates, and the delightful charm that Rosy brings to the airwaves.


Likes: Long dog walks, stinky cheese and red wine.

Dislikes: Faff.