Why advertise with Bay?

Over the last 7 years, BayRadio has earned a great reputation for providing our clients with a first class, results-driven radio advertising service.

We have a unique ability to help local, national and international companies reach the several hundred thousand English speaking residents and BayRadio listeners on the Spanish Costa Blanca and Costa Almería.

Our clients include major multinational companies and smaller, local independent firms. There is no set formula at BayRadio – each advertiser receives a tailor-made on air advertising solution.

We help our clients achieve their marketing ambitions with creative, innovative English Radio advertising campaigns. We help companies build long-term profitable relationships with their clients. We generate first-class promotions, commercials and sponsorships, and our team of on-air personalities and account executives never lose sight of the fact that our advertisers want and demand results from their radio advertising campaign on the Costa Blanca and Costa Almería.

The Mediterranean Coast

From extensive market research on the Mediterranean coast, we target a specific demographic of the over 35 age group, but our radio shows and music playlist are extremely popular with all ages.

BayRadio, as the most popular English radio station on the Mediterranean Coast, offers highly effective radio advertising for local, national, and international businesses, from small local companies to multinational corporations. Advertising with BayRadio can help promote your business on the Costa Blanca and the Costa Almeria.

How BayRadio can help your business

View our Media Packs for advertisers in English or Spanish, and contact our sales team by email, or call us on +34 96 579 6761 to discuss your individual requirements.

Media Packs

Media Pack in English

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Paquete de los Media en Castellano

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Advertising with BayRadio – Testimonials

Louis López Hernández

After extensive research into which radio stations would truly be the most effective in representing our clients Barclays, Knight Insurance & Liberty Seguros and others to their customers on the Costa Blanca, we were happy to choose BayRadio.

Their professional approach, presenter-based programming, high actual listener levels, and true coverage across the whole of the area made advertising on BayRadio an easy decision. We are delighted with the results from our latest campaigns and look forward to continuing to use BayRadio in the future.


Having been in business on the Costa Blanca for a number of years we understand the value of advertising and of choosing the correct medium to market our business. Advertising on Bay Radio has matched and actually exceeded our expectations and continues to help us grow our business.

Terry Denty – Owner, Busy Bee Car Servicing

Whenever I’ve asked BayRadio for anything I need, they’ve done it professionally, they’ve done it properly and it’s worked for my business.

I’ve used Bay Radio now for over a year and consistently they’ve improved the turnover of my business with their expert approach to my advertising needs.

Union Of Credit

We advertise with BayRadio because we are a Spanish company and we want to be heard by potential English clients. We think BayRadio is the best way to reach new clients in this area. We find BayRadio one of the best local radio stations, and the commercial they provided for us worked really well for our company.