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Question Time audience HOWL & BOO commentator for advocating second referendum

BayRadio | April 16, 2018

A remainer was booed by the Question Time audience after he suggested Brits should be given another vote on leaving the European Union.

A Question Time audience member was critical of how the Government have delivered Brexit so far and questioned why negotiations were not completed with the EU before the 2016 referendum so the British people could make a clear choice.

Jonathan Freedland, a writer and broadcaster, claimed this was exactly the reason why Brits should be given another vote on leaving the EU, which sparked a furious response from some members of the audience.

The audience member said: “Why couldn’t all these negotiations on fishery policy, on the environment. Why couldn’t they have taken place before the Brexit vote?

“So when you went to the people of this country and said ‘A, B and C will happen. D, E and F will not happen.

That would have reduced to confusion to zero.”The Question Time host then turned to Mr Freedland who divided the Liverpool audience by calling for another Brexit vote.

He said: “It is a brilliant suggestion and it is a particularly brilliant argument for there being another vote once there is a deal.”

The writer was then interrupted by seething audience members who howled him down.

Mr Freedland continued: “Essentially what happened on June 2016 we were like a family who decides we are going to move house.

“Then you look around and you look at all these houses and you think, what about this one, we could rent this one.

“Well, before you decide that you would have another decision to make. You wouldn’t say ‘well we voted to move so we have got to move into this house whether we like it or not’. You would take a new decision.

“Once we know the terms of the deal we should have a say.”

The UK Prime Minister has ruled out having a second referendum on Brexit and remains committed to leaving the European Union.

 Britain last month agreed a transition period with the European Union which will come to an end at the end of December 2020.

Former Labour Party frontbencher Owen Smith was sacked from his position after he called for Brits to be given another vote on the final deal.

Written by BayRadio

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