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Hydro Vitalitas IV Therapy arrives in Spain

BayRadio | May 21, 2018

The ever-popular intravenous revitalising therapy treatment which started in the USA and now sweeping across Europe, found in high end clinics is now available here on the Costa Blanca, launched by the British Altea Medical Centre.


This new product comes with four different combinations, Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All have special ingredients, including high dosages of vitamins, and their special blend of amino acids along with cell repairing co-enzymes.


With each infusion treatment other medications can be added to meet individual specific patient’s requirements. The Therapy treatment hydrates the body quickly, circulating the blood volume, and so the effects of dehydration – headache, nausea, lethargy disappear very quickly.


Hydo Vitalitas Blue has been developed with sports people in mind, with its isotonic properties together with glucosaline, electrolytes and high dose Vitamin C with Bepanthene precursor for Coenzyme A, to aid cell rejuvenation and repair, allowing the client to continue with a sports training schedule or just get back into a busy life routine.


Hydro Vitalitas Bronze – for those who perhaps have had too much sun, not enough water and possibly one alcoholic beverage too many. The Bronze will cleanse, detoxify and refresh the kidneys and liver whilst rehydrating and restabilising the entire system. 1000mls of Sodium Chloride plus our special combination of natural salts, electrolytes and several water soluble vitamins are some of the ingredients.


Hydro Vitalitas Silver –  For those feeling generally run down and tired, lethargic and sluggish, this Therapy is the stress buster of our IV treatments which will be calming whilst regenerating and will rejuvenate the system whilst flushing through and cleansing all the internal organs to detoxify the whole system. A special combination or natural amino acids together with vitamins which help to rebuild tired cells is slowly released into the vascular system.

Hydro Vitalitas Gold – The premier infusion Therapy that was developed to repair and aid the recovery of tired organs. This Therapy enhances and combines all three other products and is used in conjunction with other medication to treat a whole range of conditions, such as; Allergies – Immunoglobulins/antihistamine, Immune deficient – Immunoglobulins, IBS – Anti spasmodic and anti-inflammatory problems. Migraine, Anaemia – Flu like illness, weight loss, post-operative procedures. – Even Mosquito bites can be treated with a blend of antihistamine and if necessary antibiotics.

So how does it work?

After a simple medical consultation with the doctor, the patient then relaxes in a very calming environment overlooking the beautiful setting of the Greenwich Marina, at Campomanes, the Hydro Vitalitas is then drip feed slowly, in complete peace and quiet.

“Suitable for anyone who needs to reenergise and in need of a jump start back to feeling healthy”

Written by BayRadio

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